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Cloud Networking & Management
Future of Business is the Cloud.. Are you Ready…??

Does your infrastructure strategy meet your demands. ?

Choosing the RIGHT Cloud Partner

Eyntech is a comprehensive Cloud Services provider that has been helping companies, of all sizes and across industries, recognize the power of Cloud computing. With a focus on business first, we uses a solution-based approach to ensure that we help you build a cloud strategy which works for your business today and tomorrow as your business evolves. Our Cloud Solutions strategy is aimed to:

  • Ensure a seamless and phased transition to the Cloud
  • Ensure you adopt Cloud strategies that work for your business
  • Enhance, optimize and automate your business operations & processes
  • Increase your competitive edge
  • Exponentially reduce your cost of IT ownership

thus enabling you to focus on what you do the best…run your core business. Let us help you understand how Cloud can work for you..!

Eyntech has unparalleled depth of experience in delivering SaaS-based business processes. The range extends from customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), human resource management (HRM) and financial management applications. We also help build, manage and integrate custom applications on your custom requirements.

Cloud Integration Services

The versatile and heterogeneous nature of enterprise applications leads to information silos and discontinuity in business operations. For operational efficiencies and smoother business operations, organizations need to have a secure and seamless data flow through various business processes. Eyntech’s Cloud integration services helps you to:

  • Connect various applications and help strengthen business processes
  • Reduce costs associated with integration and/or migration of data
  • Deliver on applications’ performance, thus enhance business operations

Cloud Management Services (Managed Services)

Eyntech’s Cloud managed services help you gain business efficiency, better productivity and stronger integration of applications across the enterprise. We help define, deploy, migrate and support an assortment of Cloud Services across multiple cloud providers and platforms. We have proprietary frameworks and tools, processes and people to help you migrate to and adopt Cloud technologies. Eyntech carries out following services:

  • Provide various options to migrate existing infrastructure and software to the Cloud
  • Automate the migration service using existing and custom tools
  • Provide a self-serve mechanism for future service requests (e.g.: new server required, new software to be installed, etc.)
  • Advice on commercial off-the-shelf software for various business solutions such as:
  • Infrastructure support services: Network monitoring, hardware support, IT help desk, systems management
  • Application support services: User assistance, help desk.

Our migration and support services ensure agility, security, mitigates risk, reduces costs and optimizes performance in your migration process. Our migration & implementation framework supports testing, performance management, benchmarking and complete data migration.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Eyntech understands the critical nature of managing business applications and infrastructure on the Cloud. We have been providing proven Cloud implementation and infrastructure operations services to leading enterprises to help them smoothly manage complex business operations. We can build a hybrid Cloud-based infrastructure depending on your choice of heterogeneous Cloud platforms, including:

  • Private, public and hybrid deployment models
  • Integrate with SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS platforms to provide a comprehensive business solution
Wireless and Wired Networking

we are creating the world, where every DOT is connected….

Eyntech is Authorized Exclusive Distributor of Alvarion wireless products in Pakistan. (www.alvarion.com). Alvarion Technologies is a global provider for autonomous WiFi networks designed with self organizing capabilities that enables constant optimized performance.

Eyntech is committed to the design, deliver and support of secure wireless networks and applications to help your organization to increase its business efficiency. Wireless Consultation, Site Survey, Network Design, Installations and Wireless support.  We have built our reputation on providing complete wireless infrastructure solutions for challenging industries. Delivering secure wireless networks for  organizations. We have met the needs of primary schools, colleges, healthcare, universities, textile industries and private sector organizations with limited budgets yet high wireless aspirations. Plus, many wireless upgrades in retail and manufacturing companies to support new applications developed for today and tomorrows wireless world.


Our mission is to Connect People, Applications and Technology to deliver business efficiency. IT’s what we do.

Wireless Solutions for all Environments

Eyntech provides a range of wireless solutions to meet the most demanding and challenging environments.

Whether you are a Primary school, Hospital or University, we have the experience, the technology and the commitment to create the perfect wireless solution for your environment.  Please see the industry list below to find out more about the wireless solutions available for your business sector. Your industry not there? We can tailor a bespoke WiFi solution for your organization based on your requirements and your budget restrictions.


Factory Wireless Networks

Hotel & Leisure Wireless Networks

Healthcare Wireless Networks

Office Wireless Networks

School & Universities Wireless Networks

Warehouse Wireless Networks

Outdoor Wireless Networks