about us



Eyntech exists to provide dependable products, services, and support to our customers and is the trusted expert in wireless networking and communications. Better solutions and from experts you can trust, Eyntech enables the highest performing networks, simplest operations, and best customer experience.

We believe we have the best networking product and services portfolio on the market today. The quality and reliability of our products is unmatched in the wireless networking business and product innovations such as industry’s first integrated networking equipment, and first cloud-based automation platform, ensure you always have access to top technology.light

Thanks to our 20 years of industry experience, Eyntech knows wireless networking better than anyone. We have the expertise to solve your most pressing challenges.
Our services portfolio of design, deploy, and managed services, coupled with leading customer support capabilities will deliver proven results where it matters. Trust our experts with your most important network challenges. We believe the performance and reliability of your network matters. Eyntech’s innovations including our portfolio of wireless routers and high power, high capacity wireless equipments lead the industry and deliver the outstanding network capacity, reliability, and performance you demand.

We understand network operations is complicated and must be simplified. Whether it be via our integrated product designs, our turnkey services, customer support and training, or our operational excellence, Eyntech’s solutions are expressly designed to take away your headaches and simplify the entire lifecycle of designing, deploying, and maintaining wireless networks.

We know customer experience is paramount. Beyond our hassle free products, our team of experts is committed to delivering world-class customer service and support. 20 years of expertise, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction means our experts will take care of you. With Eyntech, you really are in good hands.